Royal Collection Cigars

From the planting of a fine tobacco seed to the delicate art of wrapping the fermented leaves into exquisite completion, Royal Collection Cigars dedicates time and passion into making the most exclusive cigars for our customers’ pleasure.

The authentic taste of Royal Collection Cigars defines the natural process in which we create our treasured product. Only the prime tobacco seeds from the Dominican Republic are planted to be harvested with care. Once the leaves are dried, we age them to supreme perfection. The fermented leaves are hand-rolled with masterful precision to allow you to thoroughly enjoy our distinct flavor. The finishing touch of wrapping the cigar ensures that our end-product is as magnificent as the interior.

We value your experience with our cigars so our finest blends are a step above the common cigar. The vivid flavor and rich aroma accentuate our exquisite taste of royalty to satisfy the distinguishing taste of our customer.

We invite you to treat yourself to the authentic taste that is the Royal Collection Cigar.

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