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Birthed from a natural Habano seed specially grown in the elusive Villa Gonzales, this cigar represents the unique native taste of the Dominican Republic. The optimal condition of the Dominican paired with the process of aging the leaves for a minimum of 36 months enhances the flavor. The cigar is a daring medley of a medium to strong-bodied draw and exquisite notes of wood on the wrapper to create a dignified effect.



This medium-bodied cigar combines the flavors of the Dominican Republic with the rich American culture. The inside is a superb blend of all Dominican fillers, stimulating all of your senses. The exterior is a Connecticut born wrapper that was carefully aged for at least 36 months. The fine hints of Cedar give this cigar a fine finish, sure to be enjoyed by any cigar lover.



A savory interior gives this cigar a unique touch compared to the others. A particular blend of aged Criollo seeds present a superb flavor and draw. The draw can be medium to full-bodied with a trace of Cuban seed filler that is grown especially in the Dominican Republic.


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